Possible Shipwreck Survey (with previous training) with WHS (Caitlin)

  Location?  Dates?  Costs?  Number of students?  NAS credit.

WHS was recommended for funding, but it hasn’t been made official yet. They will know for sure sometime in February.

This training would be a continuing education opportunity for members who have already done a level 1 training.

Training would be conducted on the Winfield Scott (70-foot section)- Eastern Washington Island. Possible dates: after July 1st (when funding becomes available).

A second training would be conducted in May of 2020 on the Flotilla- Washington Island (Detroit Harbor).

No classroom, quick refresher. Kevin will contact NAS to determine if these can be made into level 2 trainings.

For this season’s training- avoid weekend of Tall Ships Festival. Tentatively mid-July.


-WHS has applied for funding through Seagrant to potentially conduct a level 1 field school in the summer of 2020 on the Sydney O’Neff in the bay of Green Bay.