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WUAA Long Sleeve Shirt

WUAA Long Sleeve Shirt $31.00

New WUAA Long Sleeve Shirt, Medium, Large or X-Large, $31.00, including Shipping. Colors Black


WUAA Annual Membership

WUAA Annual Membership $20.00

WUAA Annual Membership Renewal $20.

Annual WUAA Maritime Conference

Annual WUAA Maritime Conference $20.00

Annual WUAA Maritime Conference Fee - $20.

WUAA T-Shirt

WUAA T-Shirt $27.00

WUAA T-shirts have been designed and are now available to order on our website. They can be ordered in the following sizes: S,M,L,XL.  T-shirts are $27, including shipping and handling.

WUAA 2XL T-Shirt

WUAA 2XL T-Shirt $29.00

Purchase a 2XL WUAA T-shirt. Price is $29 including $7 for shipping and handling.

Norlond Survey Book

Norlond Survey Book $19.25

Our latest book is now available! The Norlond Archaelogical Survey Study of the steamer Norlond.

Book $15, postage $4.25.

Clay Banks

Clay Banks $9.25

This project has been underway in southern Door County WI for over five years, where WUAA has been progressively investigating several “Ghost Ports,” that were once thriving shipping sites that have almost escaped the historical record. 

Book $5, postage $4.25

Fireboat 23

Fireboat 23 $14.25

This publication tells the story of Fireboat 23 from it launching in 1897 until it was taken out and sunk in 1923 to be forgotten until 2005 when Jerry Guyer discovered the wreck in about 70 feet of Lake Michigan water.

Book $10, postage $4.25

Pirate Book

Pirate Book $13.50

A Pirate Roams Lake Michigan: The Dan Seavey Story

By Dr. Richard Boyd

In the maritime history of the Great Lakes, only one lake captain was ever arrested by federal authorities for piracy.

Book $10, postage $3.25

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