Saturday January 26, 2019

 (10:00am – 2:00 p.m. ish)

 Fond du Lac Central Public Library 

32 Sheboygan St, Fond du Lac, WI 54935

(920) 929-7080

2nd floor study room




  1. Introductions and Welcomes
  2. Organizational Status Report 
    • Treasurer’s Report: Current Balance and PayPal update. (Russel)
    • P.O. Box renewal/check-in (Gretchen)
    •  Newsletter status/needs (Jordan)  Succession Planning? 
    •  2018 Symposium Recap
  3.  Planning for 2019
    •  WUAA/Nautical Archaeology Society (NAS) trainings
    •  Possible Shipwreck Survey (with previous training) with WHS (Caitlin)
      •  Location?  Dates?  Costs?  Number of students?  NAS credit.
    •  Baileys Harbor and Clay Banks (Russel)
      •  Dates, WUAA needs, etc.
    •  Milwaukee Harbor Shipwreck Survey (Bob L.)
      •  Shipwreck name: Needs:     
    •  Milwaukee River Ice Dam Survey (Kevin)
      •  Complete the land/in river survey of the dam.  Target Dates, NAS credit.
    •  Ship Construction Workshop: (Kevin)
      •  Teach an NAS III workshop on ship construction 
      •  Location: Wisconsin Maritime Museum and Lottie Cooper
      •  Dates?  Cost?  Number of students?  NAS credit. 
    •  Indigenous Watercraft Remote Sensing Survey (Bob Jaeck, Kevin):
      •  Location: Kangaroo Lake and/or Europe Lake, in Door County 
      •  Purpose, Resources, Date(s)
  4.  2019 WUAA Symposium (Kevin)
    •  Location, Date, Possible speakers, advertising strategy, etc.
  5.   IRS Compliance (Kevin/Russel)
    •  WUAA 501c3 Non-Profit 
    •  Tax Filing
  6.  WUAA merchandise 
    •  Current Inventory and Location (books and t-shirts)
    •  Book Reprints? (e-books), etc.
    •  Fathoms Deep (B. Baillod) 
    •  New products with updated logo/design
    •  What Products? Expense Budget? Shipping & Handling needs
  7.  Public Outreach / Social Media
    • Ghost Ships Reboot?  
    • Partnerships (WHS, NOAA, UASC, etc.) – Presentations and Outreach Classes
    • Kevin to teach an Artifact Illustration class at WMM (Sept. 7, 2019)
    • Sponsoring workshops at other locations (such as Wisconsin Maritime Museum, Door County Maritime Museum, etc.)
    • Web presence/Constant Contact?
  8.   New Business